Internet Explorer support is coming soon! For Early Adopter 1, we recommend using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox for the best experience.

Application Express 5.0 Early Adopter 2

A preview of modern database web application development. Take it for a spin today!

Application Express 5.0 workspace home page, showing a refreshed and simplified look and feel.

Introducing Page Designer

Page Designer is a completely new IDE designed to greatly improve developer's productivity, allowing you to very quickly enhance and maintain pages within Application Express.


The Page Designer has an enhanced tree-based view of your page with separate areas for rendering, dynamic actions, page processing, and shared components. In addition, there are new right-click options and the changes you make are reflected immediately.

Grid Layout

The Grid Layout Editor completely reimagines 'drag and drop' layout and is an entirely new way to visualize pages within Application Express . Now you can easily develop your page by placing regions, items, and buttons effortlessly using simple drag and drop. You can also use the context menu to move, copy and duplicate components.

Property Editor

Now you can painlessly change attributes for components without having to go into the edit pages. Simply select the component from the Tree or Grid Layout and the attributes for the selected component will be displayed. You can even change attributes for multiple components at once.


This comprehensive new toolbar allows you to quickly change Grid Layout preferences, easily undo and redo your changes, lock and unlock the page, and even view badges for Team Development and comments.

Application Express 5.0 Page Designer showing how to edit a page.

New in Early Adopter 2

All New Design

We designed a completely new user interface for Application Express that is focused on improving user experience through simplicity and removing clutter. The new design uses a beautiful new color palette, carefully crafted icons, vastly improved menus and navigation, better accessibility and keyboard support, more intuitive page layouts and much more...

Universal Theme

The Universal Theme is a simpler, clutter-free, and highly customizable theme that does away with excessive templates and enables customization in the form of Template Options. Developers can use Template Options to customize the way pages, regions and other template-based components are rendered. This theme has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of CSS3 and HTML5 and is fully responsive.

Multiple. Interactive. Reports.

The most requested feature for Application Express is here. Easily create multiple interactive reports on a single page, and gain insights into your data like never before. We've also completely revamped the user interface to provide a consistent experience, and made end user customization even easier with modal dialogs.

Other Enhancements

Release 5 includes many additional features, enhancements, and more!

Modal Dialogs

Now you can easily define modal (and non-modal) pages complete with the ability to utilize standard page processes. No longer will you need to hack a page using JavaScript and performing a lot of hand-crafting, instead just set the display type and appropriate template and let Application Express take care of the rest.

Navigation Lists

The Application Builder has used navigation lists for years.. and now you can, too! Static or dynamic lists can be used as the basis for your application's navigation, complete with drop down menus, keyboard support, and greater accessibility.

Interactive Report Enhancements

We are continually enhancing Interactive Reports. End users can now define a pivot report at runtime, which is similar to defining a group report. Check it out in the Upgrade Application if you want to see Pivot in your existing applications.

All New Calendar

The new calendar component comes with built in support for Month, Week, Day, and Agenda views and is much easier to customize. The calendar is based on the popular FullCalendar library and supports drag and drop, time-based events, and is even responsive.

Mobile Reporting

You can now build reports that display all of your data on any mobile device, by using reflow table or column toggle. Reflow table wraps each column or changes to displaying multiple lines on very small screens. Column toggle allows you to specify the most important columns, and those which will be hidden as necessary on smaller screens.

Static File Upload

Files uploaded into shared components, plug-ins, or themes can be cached by your browser and are now referenced using relative file urls. This also allows you to upload a zip file and the contents of it will be automatically extracted, and relative file references will stay intact. Want to bundle up your files? No worries, you can also zip them all up and produce a single downloadable zip file.