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Oracle APEX Turns 18

The upcoming release of Oracle APEX will be APEX 18.1, consistent with the release numbering for the Oracle Database as well as Oracle REST Data Services and Oracle Cloud services.

Coincidentally, it has been a little over 18 years since the first line of code was written for APEX. Throughout this time, we have always strived to empower developers with the tools they need to build modern apps fast, with less effort, and with greater consistency.

Oracle APEX has an incredible legacy and an even brighter future! #LetsWreckThisTogether

What's new in Application Express 18.1?

This release brings a suite of new features including REST enabled SQL, improvements to REST Service Consumption, an all new Create App Wizard, new chart types, APEX Spotlight Search, Font APEX 2, and a whole lot more!

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Learn More

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